Half Empty Saddles

In the desert, Woody Woodpecker, riding a horse, is gaily strumming a guitar and singing a song of loot long lost. Only he has the map of its location. Woody enters the ghost town of Paradise, dismounts and studies the map. “X” marks the spot in the Snake-Eye Saloon, where the loot is hidden under the floor. Unbeknown to Woody, foul villain Dapper Dan Dooley, hiding in a barrel behind him, sees the map over his shoulder. Woody enters the saloon, closely followed by Dooley. Woody locates the “X” spot and finds a strongbox. Dooley grabs and opens the box, and he has his nose caught in a mousetrap. Woody recaptures the box and runs with it, only to lose it to Dooley again when Woody runs into a closed door. The box changes hands many times as Woody and Dooley, in a battle of wits and trickery, fight for its possession. Finally, Woody gains permanent possession of the box when Dooley, on a small wooden horse with a large rocket attached to its pole, is shot into space as both Woody and the horse give the famous Woody laugh.