Hunger Strife

At Peachstone National Park, Ranger Willoughby gets a call: the park is about to be invaded by tourists. He gets it open and ready for the tourists. He turns on the electricity that makes Old Faithful burp. He lines up his best bears, but one, Fatso, is missing… he’s in the trash can hunting food. He instructs the bears to behave, and he puts Fatso on a strict diet. The bear runs into many funny problems with the ranger as he tries to stay off his diet. The ranger plants some food with chili pepper in it, thinking that it will get Fatso’s attention, but that doesn’t work. Fatso finds honey, and the Bees want it back. While being chased, he jumps into the river, and the fish get the honey. When all else fails, Fatso lines up for roll count. Too late: the tourists are now leaving.