Jungle Jive

Our story takes place on the Sandwich Islands, which bear a remarkable resemblance to some of our better-known sandwiches, such as the ham on rye, hot dog, hamburger and tuna. A native is practicing throwing a boomerang. Every time that he throws it, it returns and hits him on the head. Suddenly, there’s great excitement in the village. A huge box is seen floating into the lazy shore. The natives quickly assemble at the beach and open it. Inside are all the musical instruments of a jazz band. The natives pick the instruments up and take to them like ducks to water, and soon, a full-fledged jam session is in progress. Even the animals join in. A crab plays the piano with all the virtuosity of a Liberace, but it has plenty of competition from one of the natives, who also proves to be quite adept at fingering the keyboard. The pesky crab causes trouble for the piano player. There are also hot (albeit animated) native babes. Throughout the concert, the boomerang thrower continues to hurl boomerangs, but he’s still unable to catch them as they return. One strikes him on the back of the head and raises a big welt. Thoroughly disgusted, he picks up all the boomerangs in sight and buries them in a hole. He then joins the jungle jive orchestra. The earth starts to quiver and quake. The boomerangs emerge to the surface and fly back to the native, completely disrupting the concert.