Knighty Knight Bugs

Bugs Bunny is the hapless court jester who sets himself up for disaster by joking “Yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck! Only a fool would try to get the Singing Sword!” after King Arthur has declared that the Knights of the Round Table are chicken for not having the gumption to rescue the sword from its kidnapper, the Black Knight. Sent out to retrieve it, Bugs sneaks into the villain’s castle while Black Knight Sam and his treacherous, fire-breathing, cold-ridden, sneezing dragon (another one of Sam’s beasts of burden who won’t “whoa” on cue) snooze. Why, Bugs wonders out loud, is it called the Singing Sword? It starts to hum (via a musical saw) “Cuddle Up a Little Closer.” The rabbit makes off with the sword, Sam chasing after him, and Bugs holes up in Sam’s castle. Says Sam: “Don’t sneeze, ya stupid dragon, or you’ll blow us to the moon!”