Operation Cold Feet

At the South Pole, where the Armed Forces are camped for the winter, dog sentry Smedley is ordered to guard the food stores while his commanding officer’s away. As Smedley paces his post of guard duty in front of “Food Stores,” Chilly Willy peeks around the corner of the commissary, intent on finding some way to get at the cases of sardines stored inside. However, he first has to get rid of the sentry. Chilly moves a hole of ice into the sentry’s path, into which the sentry falls. Chilly covers the hole and starts for the commissary, but he’s caught and sent on his way. Chilly tries several tricks, but the sentry outsmarts him each time. However, the appearance of a large bear, looking for his son, distracts the sentry’s attention. Chilly gets into the commissary, opens a can of sardines, and begins to feast. The sentry catches Chilly, wraps him up in a snowball, and throws him across the ice. When the sentry again enters the commissary, there sits Chilly, eating his fill of sardines. Again, the snowball routine- but this time, it turns out to be a bomb, with disastrous results. The sentry now opens a can of sardines, but before he has a chance to eat any, they zip out of the can and into the suction end of a vacuum cleaner manipulated by Chilly. The sentry tries again, but Chilly gets the sardines. Finally, at the very end, the sentry turns the tables on Chilly, and, using Chilly’s own tricky method, he gets his share of the sardines.