Mother’s Little Helper

The Beary family, consisting of Charlie, Bessie, Junior and Suzy, together with their pet, Goose, all live in a substantial home. Father is comfortable reclining on a couch, his face buried in a newspaper. Mother Beary is busy vacuuming the room, complaining that she’s more of a housemaid than a housewife, and that if she received more help from her husband, she could go to the beauty parlor. Father Beary, stung by her remarks, tells her that she can go, that he’ll do the housework. Mother asks Goose Beary to keep a sharp lookout on things. Father Beary starts washing dishes with no soap, using an electric fan to dry them. The watchful Goose runs to the beauty parlor to report what’s going on. Mother calls Father and tells him to use soap. Father, after some trouble, finds the soap and starts over again. However, the dishes get mixed up in the garbage disposal, and the ever-watchful Goose again reports to Mother. Father then realizes that there’s a leak somewhere. A hassle with the washing machine and too much soap powder, as well as trouble with the vacuum cleaner, follow, and more phone calls from Mother indicate the presence of a stool pigeon. Father and Goose have a noisy quarrel in the midst of which Mother returns with a new hairdo. Just then, the washing machine overflows, and Mother’s new hairdo is all washed out. Father is crowned by a broom in Mother’s hands, and we see him swimming through the soap suds away from trouble.