Ostrich Egg And I

Sam collects all sorts of animals (mainly stuffed heads), and his wife Maggie says, “If you bring one more thing in the house, I’ll go home to mother.” Sam gets an ostrich egg in the mail, and he has to hide it quickly. The only problem is that it hatches, and out comes an insane ostrich who goes on a rampage, eating everything: furniture, lamps, clothes… Sam tries to hide it, but it keeps popping up. At one point, the ostrich eats a dress stand and assumes the shape of a sexy woman. Sam quickly puts clothes on it, but his wife thinks that he’s having an affair. He has to get rid of it and tries everything. He ties the ostrich to a rocket- but he ends up launching himself. Sam ties it to a boat in the ocean, but he forgets to untie the boat. Finally, he fills it up with red pepper, but no luck. But wait: when Sam gets back home, the ostrich is in bed with babies, and Maggie is happy.