Ozark Lark

All is quiet in the Ozark Mountains since the Martins and the Coys stopped feudin’. On the porch of a tumbledown shack, there lies snoozing Jeeter Martin, the last surviving member of the Martin family. Woody Woodpecker, fishing rod in hand, is entering the nearby Coy cabin, now a museum containing relics of the feud. He tries on a Coy hat and goes over to a Coy gun on the wall marked, “Don’t Touch.” Woody reaches up and pulls the trigger, and the gun goes off with a large “boom.” The bullet crashes through the post holding up the roof of the Martin cabin, and it falls on the snoozing Martin. He jumps up, goes over to the Coy cabin and, seeing Woody with a gun, again starts a shootin’ feud. Both Woody and Martin, each by turn, then try to get the best of one another by devious ways and means. Finally, Woody sees a line of army tanks coming up a mountain road on war game maneuvers. He paints a large target on the end of Martin’s shack and marks it “Target for Today.” The army colonel sees the shack, and he orders his men to fire at will. Both ends of Martin’s shack are completely blown out, and Martin comes out holding the white flag of surrender. Woody presents Martin with the terms of surrender, and when Martin tries to sign, the pen doesn’t work. Woody, when fixing the pen, covers Martin with ink, and the shootin’ feudin’ starts over again.