Pesky Pelican

As Pesky Pelican flies south for the winter, his wings begin to ice up. He’s puzzled until he finds the South Pole. He slides down the “pole,” and he watches Chilly Willy bore a circle in the ice and fill his wheelbarrow with fish. While Chilly takes his fish to the igloo, Pesky tries the same routine, and daisies pop up. Chilly repeats and gets another load of fish. Pesky repeats and gets another periscope. He gets a warning about meddling with government property, along with a poke in the eye. Pesky slides Chilly’s holes across the ice and invites him to scram. Chilly pulls up a phone and dials the Friendly Polar Fishing Service. Pesky calls the service and immediately hooks a big one. After a violent struggle, Pesky ends up with a walrus’ mustache, which the ill-tempered walrus retrieves. He slaps Pesky vigorously, buttons his lower lip over his head, and kicks him into Chilly’s igloo entrance. Deciding to raid Chilly’s igloo full of fish, Pesky crashes into a steel front door. Seeing Chilly coming with another load of fish, he puts his mouth over the tunnel’s exit and ends up swallowing Chilly’s empty wheelbarrow. Chilly offers to trade him a baby whale for the fish, but Pesky refuses. Chilly pumps the whale up to enormous size. Pesky cannot resist such a bargain, and he swallows the whale. Chilly releases the air hose, and Pesky takes off like a deflating balloon. Chilly returns to his fish in time to see the walrus just finish eating the last one. Chilly picks up his fishing pole and waddles into the sunset.