Pest Of Show

Doc, the freeloading cat, is painting a portrait of a ballet dancer using as a model homely, punch-drunk bulldog Champ, wearing an abbreviated skirt. Two alley cats, looking over a fence, see Champ in his attire and begin razzing him. Champ does a slow turn and starts after the cats and, in no time, the studio is a shambles. Doc sees an announcement of a dog show, the winner of which receives a $50,000 prize and a banquet. Desperately in need of money, Doc gets the idea of entering Champ in the upcoming show and begins grooming him. Doc gives Champ a bath, lessons in proper speech, walking with books balanced on head, and the proper attire. After weeks of training and preparation, the day of the dog show finally comes, and Doc leads Champ into the arena for the competition. He meets a monocled English bull, a French poodle, a German dachshund and others. In spite of more razzing by the two alley cats, Champ’s awarded first prize, and Doc’s handed the cup by the judges. Doc wastes no time getting to the banquet table. The two alley cats sprinkle pepper on Champ’s bone from an open skylight overhead, and Champ begins to sneeze. Burning up in anger, Champ pulls the vent that closes the skylight opening, which causes the two cats to fall on the banquet table. Violent confusion and disorder follow. Food is scattered everywhere, and before long, the arena is wrecked. Doc is forcefully ejected from the dog show with a dry bone in his hand. He disdainfully throws it away and jauntily exits the scene.