Pistol Packin’ Woodpecker

Woody Woodpecker, hot, hungry and thirsty, is walking across a dry, bleak Western desert and suddenly sees a large tree stump in the distance. He hastens to the tree, climbs on a broken stump, and begins pecking away. He bends his beak as he discovers that it’s petrified. Woody hears a horse galloping in the distance. Suddenly, a bandit arrives, dismounts and sends the horse on his way, and then climbs into a huge hole in the tree stump. A posse goes by at full gallop in pursuit of a horse. Woody tries to pay his respects to the bandit, who’s captured and sent to prison, vowing vengeance on Woody. The bandit escapes from prison, and he goes to find Woody. From then on, in a series of amusing incidents, they battle it out to see who’s the better of the two. Finally, the bandit, in an effort to get away from Woody, takes refuge in an old Western barroom, and he blocks the door with boxes, barrels, etc. He turns toward the bar and sees three Woody Woodpecker heads peeking over the edge. It’s Woody, holding two dummy heads. The bandit rushes to the train and returns to the prison. He knocks on the door and demands that he be admitted. The door’s opened by Woody, who asks for the password. The surprised bandit yells, “The woodpecker!” Woody says, “That’s the password,” and he opens the door. In goes the bandit. The door clangs shut as Woody gives vent to his famous laugh.