Round Trip To Mars

In the middle of the desert just outside Las Vegas is the Oasis Hotel, and in the center of the swimming pool near the hotel is Woody Woodpecker, restfully relaxing in an auto tube. Suddenly, the rat-tap-tap of an automatic riveter interrupts Woody’s peace and quiet. Investigation discloses Professor Dingledong putting the last rivets into a space rocket, into which he’s about to visit the planet Mars. The professor enters the rocket and closes the door just as Woody arrives with his tire tube. Woody drives a spike into the rocket, hooks the tube over the spike, and inserts a large boulder on the bottom end of the tire. When the rocket takes off, it goes only as far as the stretching tube will let it and then snaps back to Earth. Woody dons a space helmet and welcomes the professor to “Mars.” The professor, thinking that he’s on Mars, tries to capture Woody to take back to Earth as a specimen from the planet Mars. Following several comic sequences in which Woody eludes the professor’s efforts to capture him, Woody finally surrenders. He then takes the professor to a rocket ship- “Merry-Go-Round”- which they both enter. After a whirling ride, the professor comes back to “Earth,” with Woody giving vent to his famous “Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha.”