St. Moritz Blitz

The register of the hotel in St. Moritz is receiving its annual “dust off” in prepration for the influx of guests at the opening of the skating season. The hotel boasts that it has the best skating rink in St. Moritz. Herr Glutten looks out through the window and sees that his rink resembles a Swiss cheese: it’s full of round holes. Calling caretaker Smedley, he orders him to find the culprit and bring him to the hotel. Smedley goes out to the rink and finds fish skeletons near the holes in the ice. He looks around and discovers Chilly Willy sawing round holes in the ice, then dropping in his fish line and hauling in fish. Smedley grabs Chilly and forcefully ejects him from the scene. He then proceeds to cover up the hole but, while so doing, Chilly pushes Smedley into the ice water and then covers the hole. From then on, it’s a battle of wits between Smedley and Chilly for possession of the ice rink. Chilly is caught at last and is taken to the top of the ski slide. Finally, Chilly, sitting atop a mountain of snow, drops a tear on the snow, which rapidly develops into a huge snowball as it rolls down the mountains and completely envelops Smedley. Seeing Smedley emerge from the ball of snow with a fish in one hand and a saw in the other, Herr Glutten accuses Smedley of making holes in the ice, and he angrily clips him in the head with the fish.