Ski For Two

Looking over some vacation folders, Woody Woodpecker comes across one that offers good food. It’s Wally Walrus’ exclusive Swiss Chard Lodge (“40 miles as the crow flies, but who wants to fly with an old crow?”) in Sunstroke Valley. A blizzard overtakes the train on the way, so Woody takes a shortcut on his skis. Arriving at the lodge, Woody finds that he needs a reservation. Losing an argument with the walrus proprietor, the irrepressible Woody returns disguised as Santa Claus, gets in the lodge by way of the chimney, starts filling his bag with food, and is discovered by Wally and thrown out. They fight over the bag of food, Woody finally getting away with it, only to find Wally hiding in the bag. He gives Wally a good choking for his trouble as we iris out.