Sufferin’ Cats

Woody Woodpecker has been a source of aggravating annoyance to a certain householder, due to Woody’s pecking the antenna of a TV set, and thus interfering with its reception. Three badly crippled cats, hired to get rid of Woody, testify to their futile efforts in this regard. One cat suggests hiring The Blue Streak, the world’s fastest cat. Looking up the number in the telephone book, the householder dials, and before he can hang up, The Blue Streak screeches into the room. Told of the problem, The Blue Streak, in a flash, is on the roof, grabs Woody and whizzes away. To demonstrate his speed and prowess to Woody, The Blue Streak does a knife-throwing act where, after throwing knives at an unseen target, he becomes the target himself as the knives penetrate the board around his body. He also plays a game of badminton with himself, using Woody as the “bird,” as he rushes back and forth from both sides of the court. Woody, bushed and beat, is thrown into a trash can. Woody discovers a bottle of tranquilizer pills in the trash can and, passing them off as candy, gives them to The Blue Streak, who, after swallowing them, slows down to such a slow pace that a turtle and a snail pass him. A blow on the head restores The Blue Streak to his natural self, so he returns to the roof, puts Woody in a bag, and delivers it to the householder. As they shake hands, Woody’s on the other end holding a “fake” hand, to the surprise and chagrin of The Blue Streak.