The Bird Who Came To Dinner

A street vendor is selling walking toy woodpeckers on a street corner. A large limousine stops, and a richly-dressed dowager steps out to purchase a toy for her son. Woody Woodpecker, peering around the corner of the building, pictures a luxurious future in a home as she would have to offer, so he quickly steps out and imitates the walking toy, and pulls on the dowager’s fur coat. She picks Woody up and enters the limousine. Upon arriving home, she calls her son Reginald to show him the new toy. Reginald is a big, fat, overgrown mommy’s boy, with a penchant for smashing every toy that he owns. Seeing Woody, he drops everything and begins giving Woody a bad time, and Woody’s spared only when Reginald hears the call to lunch. At the table, Woody has to struggle to get something to eat, as he’s a toy, and toys can’t eat. Finally, the mother makes a great big sandwich which Reginald loads with paprika, hot mustard and other fiery ingredients, and then tries to force Woody to eat. During a large sneeze induced by pepper, Woody puts the sandwich in Reginald’s mouth, and he swallows it. Reginald’s breath sets fire to most everything that he comes in contact with. Mother just doesn’t know what to do with Reginald. Woody suggests “child psychology.” So Mother applies it with a hairbrush.