Swing Your Partner

A horse (with a Jack Benny attitude and voice) is treated like a horse and doesn’t like it, so he gets even with his owner. Homer Pigeon incurs the animosity of his horse Hank, first by routing him out of bed to go to the barn dance, then by cracking him repeatedly on the back of the head with his buggy whip. Insult is added to injury when the halter weight drags him into a deep mud hole. Throughout the hectic gaiety of the barn dance, Hank, still in the mud hole, dreams up dire bodily harm for Homer. All of the barnyard animals, except Hank, are having a smell time. Finally, Hank can stand it no longer. He stalks into the barn and promptly, but effectively, breaks up the dance. The last we see of Homer is his trotting home pulling the buggy while Hank, sitting beside Homer’s girl, cracks the buggy whip and sings, “The ol’ grey mare, she’s smarter than she used to be, smarter than she used to be…”