Swiss Miss-Fit

In a rescue station high in the mountains of Switzerland, the keeper of the rescue St. Bernard dogs is angry bawling out one of them for having no rescues to his credit. He points with pride to pictures on the wall of medaled dogs who have distinguished records in this respcect. He winds up by saying that he will give the rescue dog one more chance. The lovable dog, with a small barrel of brandy attached to a collar around his neck, leaves the station, determined to effect his first rescue. On the ice, he sees Chilly Willy skating very close to a sign: “Danger, Thin Ice.” The dog falls through the thin ice ,and it’s Chilly who rescues the frozen dog and revives it with brandy from the barrel. The dog then sees Chilly on the top of a mountain and thinks that he needs rescuing. He climbs the mountain, but on reaching the top, he is butted by a nasty old mountain goat and goes tumbling down to the bottom. Chilly, for a second time, revives him with brandy. The same pattern repeats itself until the dog, dazed by mishaps and brandy, mistakes the goat for a beautiful French poodle. The goat head-butts him down the hill, and he rolls right into the rescue station. The keeper says, “You have made a rescue; now your picture goes on the wall.” At this moment, the goat rushes in and butts the rescue dog through the wall of the keeper’s station. The picture concludes with the dog’s head protruding through the wall, saying, “I’ve been framed.”