Termites From Mars

An astronomer, searching the heavens with his telescope, suddenly sees emerging from the planet Mars a squadron of spaceships that are heading directly toward the Earth. He spreads the news, and in no time, the alarm is being sounded by wireless, telegraph, radio and TV, alerting the whole nation of threatened invasion. Woody’s busy cleaning up his apartment in the trunk of a tree while watching his TV set. Suddenly, a Walter Winchell-type announcer interrupts the program to announce to the ships at sea and all people everywhere that termites from Mars have invaded Earth! The TV cameras pick the spaceships up in the sky. The announcer states that the ships are heading for the forests. At the base of the tree in which Woody lives, a ship comes to rest, and out of it comes… not men, but termites. Woody closes all of the doors and windows. When he cautiously opens one window, the termites swam into his apartment and begin their work of destruction. Before you know it, the Martian invaders are eating up everything in sight. Every piece of furniture disappears; only the food remains, which the termites devour. One of the termites goes after Woody with a ray gun. Woody endeavors to fight them with a blowtorch, but the space gun is the superior weapon, and Woody’s thwarted in every manner. Finally, in an office, where the termites have destroyed all but the glass top of the desk, Woody discovers a termite chewing on Scotch tape, in which the termite becomes all fouled up. Woody gets a bright idea, grabs the roll of tape and holds it up. In no time, the termites, as well as the spaceships, are stuck to the tape. He spreads the tape throughout the forest, thus turning the tables on the termites, saving the day and winning the battle. At the finish of the picture, Woody opens up his own business: a termite control company. Woody also has the termites doing practical things. He sells the termites as “Little Wonder Termite Tools,” to be used as can and bottle openers, pencil sharpeners, record needles, scissors, mousetraps, etc.- while he sits relaxed at a desk directing their endeavors.