The Bandmaster

A zany musical performance of a circus band as Andy Panda conducts the “Overture to Zampa.” Band director Andy just can’t seem to stay out of trouble and has trouble staying on the bandstand. His musicians keep blowing him off with their instruments. The gay circus acts fill the huge tent, with thrill after thrill unfolding in never-ending succession. The clowns ride bareback and put performing dogs through their paces. Jugglers and acrobats mangle each other while a girl aerialist is rescued by her own false teeth. A rope-spinning act goes haywire as the kettledrummer tastes the soup in the kettledrum. A girl trapeze artist loses her wig, and the drunken tightwire walker finds himself surrounded by little pink elephants doing ballet dances. The two-headed man plays the clarinet and violin simultaneously, while a pig family handles the fiddle section. The feature attraction, Count Bejerk’s sensational high dive into a washtub, brings down the house (or tent, in this case), but Andy saves the washtub.