Tricky Trout

Wally Walrus is the keeper of a fish hatchery in which trout are incubated and raised. The ever-hungry Chilly Willy, tramping through the country and always looking for an easy meal, suddenly espies Wally Walrus’ Fish Hatchery and, going to a window, sees myriads of small fish swimming around in the tanks. Chilly envisions a hearty meal, and he immediately takes steps to get it. He places a barrel under a window, goes inside the hatchery, and begins taking fish from the tank and throwing them into the barrel. Wally catches Chilly, throws him out of the hatchery, and recovers the fish from the barrel. Chilly, undismayed, tries other means to get some fish, but none of them works. Finally, when Chilly thinks that he has Wally trapped, he again starts throwing fish in the barrel, but this time, the barrel has a hole sawed out of its bottom, and the fish end up in a stream running alongside the hatchery. Wally, saw in hand, suddenly appears in the middle of the stream. He begins to call his charges (trout) by name, and they follow back to the hatchery. Chilly gives up and disappears into the distance.