Truant Student

A school bell is ding-donging its morning chant, telling the students that it’s time for classes to begin. As Breezy rushes, Windy, fully relaxed on a chair, asks, “Where are you going, son?” Breezy answers, “I’m going to school.” Windy suddenly realizes that Breezy has forgotten his books, so he grabs them and takes off after Breezy. On his way, Windy hears the seductive sound of fishes splashing in a nearby lake, so when we see him, he has a fish pole in one hand and the books in the other, happily fishing. A truant officer sees Windy, school books in one hand, fishing. Thinking that he’s a student playing hookey, the truant officer tells Windy that he should be in school. The truant officer then tries by various means and methods to get Windy to go to school. Windy, in turn, uses every device, crafty scheme and trick to evade the issue. The truant officer finally gets Windy to school, but not as a student, as when we finally see the truant officer ringing the school bell, Windy’s the tongue or clapper inside the bell which rings on each pull of the rope.