Wacky-Bye Baby

Woody Woodpecker, a homeless nobody, is rudely awakened from his park bench and tossed into a garbage can. He finds a news item announcing that billionaire Wally Walrus is planning to adopt a new baby boy. To get free room and board, Woody shows up on his doorstep disguised as a baby foundling. He gives Wally a tough time playing horsie, which leads to Wally’s safe. He dishes out great piles of his money via an improvised slot machine. A trick ball that returns to the thrower fools Woody a couple of times, but when he substitutes an iron ball, Wally moves to the basement, but suddenly. Wally tries to discipline Woody with a stick of dynamite inside the trick ball, but his trick boomerangs, and he’s blown into a hospital wheelchair that’s equipped with a machine gun. Woody escapes by diving through the end title.