Case Of The Red-Eyed Ruby

Inspector Willoughby, seated on a camel trudging through the vast Sahara Desert, is on his way to return the fabulous Red-Eyed Ruby stolen from the forehead of an idol in the tomb of King Tut Tut Almond. His archenemy, notorious jewel thief Yeggs Benedict, who had previously stolen the jewel, follows Willoughby with only one thought in mind: repossession of the ruby. Willoughby finally reaches the tomb, enters, approaches the idol, and replaces the ruby in the forehead from which it was taken. His mission accomplished, he starts for home. On his way out of the tomb, Willoughby meets Yeggs, and he knows immediately that he’s after but one thing: the ruby. In a series where Yeggs tries to get the ruby, he’s outwitted time and time again by Willoughby. Finally, his patience about exhausted, Willoughby paints a hand grenade a bright ruby color. He allows Yeggs to steal the grenade. Following his adversary into a pyramid, Yeggs makes his move what he thinks is the Red-Eyed Ruby, taking it from a talking idol (which is actually a remote-controlled robot operated from inside by the Inspector). The mobster disappears into the distance, running off into the desert saying, “I got it, I got it!” A distant “kaboom” indicates that he got it… it wasn’t the Red-Eyed Ruby.