Chilly Chums

When Chilly Willy rescues drowning Maxie the Polar Bear from freezing Arctic waters, he gains a grateful lifetime friend- and a long-term liability. “Bring ‘Em Back Alive” Clive, a hunter who captures polar bears from zoos, sets his sights on Chilly Willy’s new buddy, and the little penguin has his hands full protecting the bear from Clive’s clutches. When Clive sets a trap for the bear with his own patented “instant polar bear cage,” Chilly lures the hunter into his own invention and sends it diving to the bottom of the icy deep. An attempt by the wily Clive to lasso the bear leaves the predator “all tied up,” and a wild chase in a snowmobile results in Clive’s once more taking a dive into the freezing waters of the Arctic. Clive pursues the bear with a hand grenade loaded with laughing gas. Chilly sneaks up from behind and “gooses” the hunter so that he swallows his own weapon. When Clive rolls about in the snow, hysterical from the effects of the laughing gas and cackling like Woody Woodpecker, the famed fowl himself puts in a cameo appearance. Woody exclaims, “Hey, you can’t do that! That’s my laugh!”, and he sends the hapless hunter sinking again into the chilly water. As a last-ditch effort, Clive goes after the bear with a tranquilizer gun, but Chilly turns the tables, and the hunter’s knocked out cold by his own dart. In the end, Chilly and his polar buddy set Clive adrift on an ice floe (accompanied by an alarm clock set to go off in the spring) and wave merrily, “Bye-bye, big hunter.”