Doc’s Last Stand

Doc is the owner of a traveling store, a wagon from which is peddled anything and everything to the settlers of the old West. The wagon’s drawn by faithful dog Champion (Champ), who suddenly sees an Indian village in the middle of the desert. Doc senses that there’s good business there, and shortly thereafter, Doc’s knocking on a tent’s flap. As the tent opens, Doc displays his wares, and he’s abruptly rebuffed by the closing of the tent. Not daunted, he tries again, selling a board upon which a “No Peddlers” sign is painted and hung in front of the tent. He then sells an umbrella to Chief Rain In the Face, who hasn’t had a dry face since he was a baby. After some other successful sales, he finds another Indian with bags of gold who doesn’t want anything… except a squaw. Wanting to impress the well-to-do Native American, and hoping to acquire his wealth (he’s the owner of an oil well and loaded with money), Doc tells Champ that they have to find a squaw. Champ says, “How.” that gives Champ and idea, and he proceeds to dress and make up the bulldog to look like a beautiful squaw. The Indian is unimpressed with Champ until Doc gives him a whiff of “Indian Love Call” perfume. Doc gets the gold, and soon, the love-crazed Indian chases Champ all over the Western prairie. Champ runs away, but he can’t get rid of the romantic Indian, who’s in close pursuit. Doc’s counting his ill-gotten gains when whang, the Indian eventually bumps into Doc. Pursued and pursuer hit Doc’s wagon, the contents being strewn all over. A lady’s wig falls on the conniving cat’s head, and the Indian really falls hard for the now good-looking squaw. The Native American changes to chasing Doc. When last seen, Doc’s far out in the desert with the Indian in full pursuit, while Champ has the last laugh.