Coming Out Party

Inspector Willoughby is assigned to foil the attempts of a criminal named Crash McDash to escape from Sing Song Prison. Word is out that there’s going to be a prison break, and Willoughby’s called in to stand by in case of trouble. Sure enough, one of the inmates- Crash- attempts to break out in an army tank. Willoughby drives alongside with a wrench, takes the wheels off, and captures Crash, returning him to Sing Song. Crash tries to escape through the air duct, but the inspector drops a bomb into the outside of the duct and blows up that theory. Next, it’s a parachute- which fails. Crash tries to drown the inspector in a barrel of water. The inspector comes up with diving gear on and holding a water pistol. Crash tries other ways to escape- pole-vaulting over the prison walls, hiding in the laundry truck- but every attempt to gain freedom fails. As he tries to ram his way out, rushing toward the door with a log, the doors swing open, and Crash is told that he’s a free man. Now that he has his freedom, Crash isn’t sure that he wants it. There’ll be no more fun trying to outwit Willoughby. After flying suits, bombs and dogs, the prisoner finds that he’s happier back in Sing Song Prison.