Fowled Up Party

As Sam, coming home after a day’s work, opens the door of his home, he sees his wife Maggie all dressed up in a masquerade costume. He had forgotten about the masquerade party at the country club, so he rushes to put on his costume. He comes out dressed as a man-sized rooster, enters the car beside Maggie, and starts for the club. After going a few miles out in the country, the car sputters to a stop. It’s out of gas. Sam gets out and starts walking to a nearby farm to borrow a gallon of gas. On the farm, a large dog, standing at the entrance to the chicken coop, reaches into the coop and pulls out a chicken. The farmer grabs the rascally dog’s neck and shakes him until chicken feathers fly from the dog’s mouth. The farmer tells the dog that if he’s ever caught with another chicken, he’ll really be clobbered. The farmer goes his way, and the dog, as he turns, is discovered with the chicken still in his grasp. At that time, Sam (still in his rooster costume) enters the gate. The dog, still carrying the chicken, passes Sam, does a “double” take, turns, and, seeing a “king-size” chicken, throws the small one away and takes after Sam. Sam’s now really in trouble. In his efforts to escape the dog, he is kicked by a horse; is put through a hay-baling machine; falls into a well; and, all in all, has a rough time at it. Finally, we see Sam pushing the automobile at a very fast pace, with the dog, snapping and chomping, close behind.