Niagara Fools

Woody Woodpecker is a tourist inspecting the wonders of Niagara Falls. Listening to the guide narrating the history of those who rode over the Falls in a barrel, Woody decides that this is for him. Grasping a barrel, Woody is about to emulate the heroic feats of some of his more famous predecessors when the barrel is rudely snatched away from him by the guide, who warns Woody that this stunt is strictly prohibited by law. Now more determined than ever to make this death-defying ride, Woody grabs the barrel away from the guide. In the ensuing struggle, the guide lands in the barrel and loses his balance. Over the Falls he goes, much to the amazement and vociferous applause of the startled tourists. Woody makes three more attempts to ride over the Falls in a barrel, but each attempt is thwarted by the guide, who always ends up taking the ride that Woody originally intended for himself. Desperate, the guide posts a reward for Woody and calls out the entire force to help him get rid of the woodpecker. They converge upon Woody from all sides and believe that they have him safety wrapped in a barrel destined for the North Pole. When the smoke of battle clears, however, they discover that it’s the guide who’s on his way to the North Pole. Via cartoon magic, the guide returns in time to stop Woody’s fifth attempt to ride the Falls. But in doing, he himself goes over the Falls for the fifth time, and he’s given a citation by Woody for breaking the law.