Freeloading Feline

In a big city penthouse atop a skyscraper, a big society party is in progress. Far below, in Dish Pan Alley, the cars are whooping it up as Doc emerges from his dilapidated but tidy packing box and nonchalantly rings a gong. Champ, a punch-drunk bulldog, comes to life and starts punching a bag. The bag hits Champ’s glass jaw, and down he goes. Suddenly, Champ’s attracted by the music from the penthouse above. Doc gets him drooling as he names off the various hors d’oeuvres. Later, Champ, elegantly attired in full dress, and Doc arrive at the penthouse entrance just as a freeloader is thrown out. Champ rings the doorbell, and as the door opens, he’s mistaken for the new doorman from the agency. While Doc is immediately thrown out, the host of the party wants Champ to serve- and the host will pay Champ well. He is told his duties and is warned above all to “keep the freeloaders out.” Doc approaches the entrance, and Champ, taking his new duties seriously, throws Doc out, reminding him that he’s a freeloader. Angered at Champ’s betrayal- and wanting to get into the party- Doc tries several different tricks to crash the party. Doc gains entrance to the party several times, but he’s ejected by Champ each time. Doc finally solves the eating problem by snaking a hose under the door and onto the table, where he siphons his dinner of goodies through the hose. Champ blows it back into the room. The resulting explosion leaves the party and penthouse apartment a shambles, with Champ lying in the rubble. It’s finally realized that Champ is also a freeloader, and he’s summarily ejected.