Meatless Tuesday

On Meatless Tuesday, Andy Panda is reading a cookbook, trying to decide what to fix himself for dinner, when he hears a rooster crowing. Turning to the recipe for fried chicken, Andy decides that the rooster’s the answer to his problem of what to eat. Andy grabs a net and tries to catch the tricky rooster, but he’s unsuccessful. Andy then entices the rooster over to the chopping block by strewing corn along the way. The rooster eats the corn, but Andy misses the rooster’s head when he swings with the axe. Andy again tries to behead the rooster with his axe, but he instead splits the trunk of an apple tree, and Andy’s submerged under a deluge of apples as they come flying down. The rooster takes refuge in a henhouse filled with chickens. Unable to break down the door, Andy digs a tunnel underneath the house and tries to come up through the floor, but the chickens keep moving the house, and Andy’s once more thwarted. Andy again resorts to the axe, but he loses it to the rooster, who now becomes the aggressor in the battle. Andy clambers up a telephone pole. The rooster chops down the pole, and Andy lands with a thud in his vegetable garden. When the rooster starts to crow over his victory, Andy picks up a ripe tomato and hurls it into the rooster’s face.