Mousie Come Home

Andy Panda and his dog Milo are continually annoyed by a little mouse. Mousetraps are in every nook and cranny of the house, but although the cheese is eaten as fast as they are set, the traps remain unsprung. Andy reads a book entitled “How to Get Rid of Mice” by Carmen Monoxide, but nothing that he learns in the book proves to be of any help. The heckling mouse remains on the loose playing wild tricks, making life most miserable for Andy and Milo. Finally, in desperation, they move to get away from it. The mouse soon learns that life can be pretty dull when one is all alone. Loneliness turns into despair, and the mouse finally decides that life isn’t worth living without menacing the two. The mischievous mouse tries to end it all by taking poison, but he drinks hard apple cider instead. When he goes to hang himself with the ring in the end of the curtain cord, he’s taken for a “spinning” ride. When he turns on the gas, he blows up and floats around the room. Eventually, the mouse finds a note that Andy had left for the milkman, with Andy and Milo’s new address on it. Overjoyed, he rushes to their new home. After greeting Andy and Milo with a big, friendly kiss, he immediately starts to torment them in the same old manner.