Poop Deck Pirate

Woody’s sleep is rudely disturbed by the early-morning noises of yowling cats, screeching automobile tires, factory whistles and such until he can’t stand it any more. Seeing an advertisement telling of a tropical isle, a land of peace and quiet, urbanite Woody quickly goes there. While reposing on a hammock under some palm trees on Tutti Fruitti Island, his rest is broken by a ship’s anchor dropping into the water and a gangplank crashing on the shore. Patch-eyed pirate Sea Dog Sam goes ashore and begins digging for buried treasure with an automatic drill. The vibration shakes Woody up, so he takes the “X” that marks the spot of the buried treasure off the pirate’s chest and puts it on a floating mine. Calling to the pirate, Woody points to the mine and tells him that he has found his treasure. The pirate starts drilling into the mine, and it blows up. The pirate, now really mad, tries to make Woody walk the plank. After a series of incidents, it’s the pirate who’s in the water, with a shark’s fin in close pursuit. Up pops Woody, and on his head is a hat shaped like a shark’s fin. Then a real shark raises its ugly head and takes off after Woody, who speeds off and disappears over the horizon.