Private Eye Pooch

Professor Dingledong the taxidermist school instructor is about to teach his students “how to stuff a woodpecker in one easy lesson.” For this purpose, he goes to a jail-like room with cells, and from one of these cells, he picks Woody. Escaping the nutty taxidermist’s clutches, Woody is pursued by an unforgettable private eye, Strongnose the bloodhound. The remaining cartoon deals with the bloodhound’s attempts to capture Woody, and with Woody’s frustration of same. The chase leads through a hollow log, a railroad tunnel, a lumber yard, an ice machine and a door factory, and finally, back to the taxidermy school, where the instructor threatens to stuff the bloodhound for his failure. Woody intervenes, and he and Strongnose team up and lock up the professor, with plans to stuff him.