Smoked Hams

Wally Walrus is a “Day Sleeper,” as the sign hanging on his door attests. Woody Woodpecker is a “Night Sleeper,” as another sign on his door signifies. Both of them live in the same apartment house. The dawn of a new day is just breaking. Wally’s retiring for his daily sleep, but Woody, down the hallway in another room, is still sound asleep. Woody’s awakening is rather sudden when a door in a cuckoo clock opens, and a doll comes out and pours a small pail of water in his face. Full of vim and vigor, Woody noisily begins mowing the lawn. This disturbs Wally’s sleep, and he takes stringent measures to stop grass and loose trash. Smoke pours into Wally’s room through every crack and crevice- even the bedposts. All of Wally’s efforts to stop the smoke are of no avail. His daytime sleep is ruined. Even earmuffs won’t help Wally as Woody practices his drums. Woody, having finished a day’s work, jumps into bed for a relaxing night’s sleep. However, he disappears through a hole in the floor and lands in a chair in the basement, in which Wally quickly straps him. Then it’s payback time. A tit-for-tat machine ends the fun. Woody’s treated to a series of bellowing noisemakers, crashing cymbals, screeching whistles, etc. His nighttime sleep turns into complete exhaustion as we iris out.