The Beach Nut

A trip to the balmy seashore reveals thousands of people relaxing in the sun. All, that is, but big, fat Wally Walrus, who’s choking the daylights out of Woody Woodpecker. Wally explains, in flashback, why he is trying to rid himself of Woody. The woodpecker is a terror on the beach, heckling Wally at the beach. Woody surfs while singing “My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean.” It seems that Woody, among other things, walked on his face, jammed his face into a nice, big cake, and ran over him with a surfboard, swiping his lunch (including his hot dogs) on the way. Practically choked him to death with smoke from a bonfire, burned his beach umbrella from over him and his beach chair from under him. Almost drowned him with a fire hose. Chasing him to the amusement center, Woody, disguised as a yogi, persuaded him to dive through a plate glass window. Fastening Woody to an anchor, Wally throws him into the sea, but the anchor rope pulls the pier and everything else in after it, and we iris out on Woody swimming into the sunset with the walrus and thousands of people swimming after him.