The Dippy Diplomat

Woody Woodpecker’s sleeping in the arms of a statue in the city park, dreaming of a big, juicy steak. Across the street from the park lives Wally Walrus, who’s preparing to entertain famous Russian ambassador Ivan Awfulitch. Wally starts to barbecue some steaks, and the aroma from the sizzling meat wafts its way across the street into Woody’s nostrils, picks Woody up, and carries him to the fence surrounding Wally’s patio. Woody wakes up and, peeking through a hole in the fence, sees a table loaded with food. Woody reaches through the hole and helps himself to several ears of corn before Wally, who’s a little slow to realize what’s happening, nails a board over the hole. Woody then tosses a ping-pong ball into the hard-boiled eggs, and he rushes in and asks permission from Wally to retrieve his ball. Before he can find his ball, Woody eats every egg in the bowl. Wally picks Woody up and throws him into the newspaper rack in the street corner. Woody glances at the papers and reads about the dinner party for the ambassador. He disguises himself as the ambassador, rents a limousine, and drive up to Wally’s house. Woody heads for the steaks without delay, but he gets too close to the barbecue, and he burns his beard. The disguise is ruined, but even so, Woody manages to make off with a carload of food.