The Dizzy Acrobat

Unimpressed by the sideshow barkers’ astounding claims, Woody goes to the circus without a ticket, and the circus cop kicks him out. Woody comes back, and the cop tells him that he’ll have to work watering an elephant if he stays. A little thing like that doesn’t detain Woody for long. Woody connects the elephant’s trunk to the fire hydrant and blows up the elephant. The cop isn’t pleased with Woody’s work and tries to get tough with him, but he doesn’t know Woody very well. The circus performance struggles on while Woody, with the help of a few lions, tigers, elephants and unscheduled acrobatics, that trying to keep him from seeing the circus is unethical, ungentlemanly, and very unlikely to succeed. Woody runs through circus tents, gets the animals in an uproar (making the lion bite off his own tail), and leads cops to the high wire on a bicycle. Chased by the cops, Woody makes the crowd roar as he does wild trapeze stunts.