Three Ring Fling

Breezy gets into the circus for free on kids’ day, but penniless Windy has to resort to guile and intrigue in order to obtain a painful entrance. From high on a hilltop, Windy’s little son discovers that a circus is in town. He rushes to his sleeping father, wakes him up, and tells him the exciting news. So, without any money, they go to the circus tent. A sign at the entrance reads, “Kids Free Today!” Windy and his son enter, but Windy’s unceremoniously ejected. Windy then dresses like a youngster and then, with a balloon, again enters the tent, and again is thrown out. Walking around the tent, he sees a sign: “Bruno the Juggling Bear- Keep Out!” Quietly crawling under the tent, he sees Bruno soundly sleeping. Windy wheels Bruno, couch and all, into a moving van, which roars away. Windy, hearing the crack of a whip, picks up some rocks and frantically begins to juggle them as we see Windy’s son cracking a whip while a small squirrel walks on a moving ball. The rocks clink and plunk on Windy’s head as his puzzled son asks, “Jeepers, what’s the matter with Pop?”