Witch Crafty

A witch is riding her broom gaily through the night skies when she crashes and breaks the broom handle. She goes to a nearby broom factory and asks Woody (who works there) for a new one. He makes her one, but she refuses to pay the 50-cent check. Woody takes the magic broom back, and the rest of the picture deals with her attempts to gain access to the factory and get the broom without paying for it. Woody is adamant, though, and he insists that she pay for it, or no broom! Every attempt that she makes to get the broom is foiled by Woody, who outsmarts her at every turn. She tries tunneling into the factory. She becomes a hot dog saleslady, peddling firecracker hot dogs, etc. Woody switches brooms on the witch, and they won’t fly. Finally, realizing that she’s been outsmarted, she consents to pay for the broom. The witch digs deep into her personal belongings (a pair of loaded dice, a spare set of false teeth, a pen pal photo of Frankenstein’s monster and a five-cent piece). Woody insists on his full 50 cents. The witch asks to use his powder room. When she does, she finds it full of powder… gunpowder. Woody gets on the magic broom, and we end the picture with Woody flying off.