Witty Kitty

Two hungry, mangy alley cats sitting in a tumbledown shack devise a scheme to get something to eat. They set up a raffle for a turkey and induce Doc to draw a ticket. There being only one ticket, Doc wins. They tell Doc where to get the turkey, so he sets off to find the house. Doc finds the location: a beautiful estate. He tells them that he has come to claim his turkey. They lead him to the icebox. Cecil the dog gives Doc some rather rough treatment, and he ejects him out of a window. Undaunted, Doc returns to the icebox, and Hickory and Dickory arouse Cecil by firing a plumber’s helper at him, the suction cup of which sticks to his head. He enters just as Doc’s purloining the turkey. Cecil roughs up Doc again, but he’s determined to get the turkey, and after a few more tussles with Hickory and Dickory, and after locking Cecil in the deep freeze, he empties the icebox and returns with his food to the shack and the two hungry alley cats. However, Cecil, having followed Doc to the shack, breaks through the door and spoils their anticipated feast.