Woodpecker From Mars

Woody Woodpecker appears as a guest on Captain Zoom’s science-fiction TV show. After a simulated ride in a spaceship, Woody’s presented with a space helmet and a space gun. Leaving the studio, Woody’s struck by a runaway hubcap, which scoops him up and carries in on a precarious flight through the city in full view of thousands of spectators, who are convinced that the phenomenon must be a “flying saucer,” or a man from Mars, or a combination of both. Eventually, the hubcap loses its momentum, and as it lands, Woody’s immediately surrounded by a crowd of curious onlookers. Woody terrorizes them with his space gun, but the fun is short-lived as the Army answers the SOS call and surrounds Woody with tanks and guns. Woody is trapped in a net and carried off to an atomic laboratory for analysis, where he outsmarts the professor who examines him. The professor comes to the conclusion that Woody is a “crazy” spaceman, and he orders him returned to Mars. Accordingly, Woody is placed on a rocket ship, and this time, he gets a real ride through space. The ship lands on Mars, and Woody’s surrounded on all sides by people who react to his appearance in much the same manner as the Earth folk have done. Woody pretends to shoot as them, just as he did at the Earth people, when all of a sudden, two Martian cops trap Woody in a net identical to the one in which he was captured before. As he’s being carried away, however, Woody laughs heartily, for he’s used to the routine by now, and whoever’s going to examine him on Mars will be in for a surprise or two.